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Is the cost of skilled work force going out of range?

Benefites of Outsourcing to Tuskermedia Solutions

  • 1. Quality Web development & Graphic services by skilled  professionals
  • 2. Work done under guidance of experts
  • 3. Reduced costs: Roughly 50 percent of existing costs
  • 4. No infrastructural investment
  • 5. No tensions of recruitment of competent professionals
  • 6. Highly skilled, world-class developers and engineers
  • 7. No turn away of work ( shortage of professionals )
  • 8. Save costs can be invested in other key activities like  marketing
  • 9. Easy to manage ( Reports over emails )
  • 10.24/7 Support any time status check ( email, or over phone)


Our services constitute a mix of: Web design & developing, graphic design, creative concepts and technology. Below there are 3 service packages divided according to specific needs.

InteractiveWeb develop Experience is the product

For who?

For marketers who keep looking for more effective and novel ways of promoting their own brands

Enterprise Everything is in a cloud

For who?

For managers and executive boards who want to provide their people with modern solutions to support their communication, productivity and knowledge management.

Startup From inspiration to business

For who?

For entrepreneurs and executive boards who want to use the potential of the Internet in a better way to develop their own business e.g. by creating an innovative product or a service in the network.


Our work

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Create a great website presence for your company

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Subtle designs for impressive branding. Stimulate your visual appearence.

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One logo communicate...thousands of IDEAS. Choice your company logo with us !!


We create brochure that add value your business.

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The right solutions of Creativity + Simplicity + Technology.

More projects coming soon



We always look for rebellious talents and open minds!

At Tuskermedia, we particularly value persons who can devote themselves to their passions. We believe that the diversity of personality types within the group is the best stimulant for creativity and enables to achieve results considerably beyond the capabilities of a single, even extremely talented person.

If you feel you have something of a geek and a fiend, you like
to share knowledge, and want to develop further irrespective
of experience and possessed skills – join us!

Send your CV and ML to career@tuskermedia.com

Jobs and Career Options

Remember to check this site once in a while, there might be an opportunity to get to know closer. See you at the meeting!


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